Who is Yia Yia?


Who is Yia Yia?

Yia Yia is our mum. Her name is Mary, and ‘Yia Yia’ is Greek for Grandmother.

Mary came from a very large family and migrated to Australia when she was 13 years old. From the young age of just 10 years old, she was left to care for her younger brothers and sisters for many months as her mother had to travel back to Athens to care for Mary’s sister who was sadly, not well. This was a big ask of a young girl, but Mary rose to the challenge.

Mary’s mother had to leave unexpectedly, and Mary was literally left ‘holding the babies’. She did not know how to cook, but with the help of her neighbours she learnt the skills that helped her to become the cook she is today.

Mary developed a love of cooking which led her to become adventurous with her recipes. At this time, a child herself, Mary added one important ingredient an adult could not – she prepared her recipes through the eyes of a child… her eyes! I believe this is the reason why Mary has become so successful in creating recipes and presenting food in a way that children enjoy to eat.

Now with these meals, Mary is able to share with you her wonderful food – food that the whole family will love, especially the children.