Tips and Tricks

  1. How To Squeeze Every, Last Drop ...

    Sometimes you have to put your back into squeezing a lemon, other times it's a breeze. Here's how to conquer those tough ones...

    Before you try to juice the lemon, place the lemon on a flat surface and using a little force, roll the lemon under your palm. This helps to loosen the inside of the lemon without bruising it to make sure you get the most juice possible. 

    It's a great trick that I have been using for years!


    Poppy xo


  2. Why Hunger Is The Enemy Of The Healthy Child

    Starting "big school" is a HUGE milestone for both parent and child, but as a parent one aspect you may (or may not) have noticed yet is how tiring a school day really is for your little one, and what this does to their appetite. When children come back from a full day of school, their tummies are usually starting to grumble because if you think about it, they havent eaten since lunchtime, which is probably close to 3 hours ago by the time you pick them up and get home!

    One of the best things I implemented when my kids started school was snacks and early dinners, especially during their younger years when bedtime was between 7 and 8pm! I started this becasue I found that the hungrier they got, the more they craved high-sugar/high-energy snacks and the harder it was to 'negotiate' with them to have a healthier option instead.

    So to tackle this I would always have a light, healthy snack prepared for them when they got in the door after school pick-up, whether they asked for it or not, like a fruit salad or a variety of vegetable sticks, sometimes with a dip (if I had time to make one, or found one with a clean label). This would ward off any strong hunger pains before they could kick in, but still have them hungry enough to look forward to what was on their plates at dinner time, which was at roughly 5:30/6:00pm, without them reaching for sugary snacks in between.

    This way they filled up on nutrition instead of sugar, and it meant that they were no longer starving and over-tired which used to make afternoons and dinner time so hard to get through, especially if there was something "new" on the table! I also found that they used to sleep better because they weren't having a huge meal just before bedtime because they were starving.

    I highly recommend implementing somthing similar with your "big kids", it really does help make your afternoons and dinner times less stressfull and it creates healthy eating habits that will carry with them as they grow.


    Poppy xx


  3. How NOT To Burn Garlic

    Garlic is the base to pretty much all of my recipes, it's always the first ingredient I start with when I cook.

    However, it's important that when you are sautéing your garlic that you try not to burn it, otherwise it will end up giving your dish a very bitter flavour. If this happens, it's best to just start again because that bitter flavour is hard to mask!

    To avoid this, I sauté my garlic on a low heat, and continuously  stir until it turns a golden brown colour. It takes a little longer to achieve, however this way you ensure that you get that sweet full-bodied flavour that garlic brings to a dish.


    Yia Yia Mary xx


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