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  1. Don't Panic, It's A Long Term Goal When It Comes To Fussy Eaters

    "Just one bite" ... we've all said it and we've all tried it more than once, but what's the real point behind the "one bite" philosophy? Here's an extract from an article that we found quite interesting, and really helps to keep it all in perspective! 

    "The “polite one bite” rule is great, but leave it at that, says Castle: “The goal is not to get them to eat the broccoli today but to help them actually like the broccoli long-term.” Susan Miller of Franklin Lakes, NJ, employed this strategy when feeding her sons as toddlers. “I made sure there was at least one thing on their plates I knew they'd eat,” she says, “but they had to taste the other foods, too. If they didn't like what they tried, fine, but what eventually happened is that, having been exposed to a wide variety of flavors, my sons now eat almost everything.”

    So mums, DON'T PANIC! All kids go through a "fussy" stage so it's important to keep it in perspective. It's about getting your children into healthy eating habits that will last them their lifetime, so be sure to expose them to different flavours and tastes so that as they get older their palates welcome healthy, wholesome food! Persevere with the "hard stuff" and it will pay off sooner rather than later!

    Hope this helps!

    Little Darlings Kitchen Team xx

  2. How To Keep Berries Fresher For Longer

    Yia Yia Mary has always said that when it comes to berries, "wash as you eat otherwise they go off".

    Turns out, she was right! Berries have a protective layer on them called 'bloom' that is produced naturally to ward off insects and bacteria. If this layer is removed, it limits the life of the berries. 

    So only wash your berries when you plan to eat them to keep them lasting longer in your fridge!

    Yia Yia Mary xx

  3. Fussy Eaters? Maybe They Aren't THAT Fussy ...

    Sometimes it's the smallest things that make a fussy eater a "fussy eater", and sometimes they are fixed more easily than you may think! This extract from an article we came across made alot of sense, so we thought we would share it with you all.

    "Also try switching things up: Serve raw those veggies your child shuns when cooked instead (as long as they're not a choking hazard), and vice versa. The problem may be texture—or even temperature, says dietitian Melissa Halas-Liang, R.D., a mom and founder of “A lot of kids who don't like cooked peas will eat them frozen, right out of the bag.”


    At the end of the day it's about getting kids to actually eat healthy foods, and develop good eating habits from the earliest of stages. It doesn't really matter if they prefer raw mushrooms to cooked mushrooms, it's more about getting that nutrition and exposing their tastebuds to as many wholesome foods as possible.

    So do a little trial and error and see what works for your child. If they hesitate or struggle to eat a particular vegetable, try serving it in the opposite form (raw/cooked) and this may just change the flavour and texture enough for them to love it!


    Hope this helps!


    Little Darlings Kitchen xx


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