This tip is so simple, but it makes all the difference to your pasta dishes, no matter what the type!!

After you have boiled your pasta (whatever the type), rinsed with warm water, drained and placed in your desired serving bowl/platter make sure you do this next step ... mix cheese through the pasta! We find that parmesan works best, but depending on the style of pasta dish you are cooking, other cheeses might be better suited.

Mixing cheese through the pasta at this stage ensures that when your salsa/sauce is added it's more evenly spread, so every bite is full of flavour! Why it works? The pasta at this point is already hot, so the cheese sticks to it nicely, then because the sauce has a smooth consistency it grips with the coarse texture of the cheese and you end up with the perfect ratio of salsa, cheese and pasta in every bite!


Happy Cooking,


Yia Yia Mary xx