The perfect salad on a hot summers day, add your choice of protein and you have yourself a very healthy meal ... fresh, light and tasty!

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1 Bag of Mesclun Lettuce

1 Punnet of Cherry Tomatoes

1/2 Red Onion

1 Red Capsicum

1 Yellow Capsicum

1/4 Bunch of Fresh Parsley

Green Sicilian olives

Extra Virgin olive oil

White wine vinegar

Dried Oregano





  1. Wash the lettuce leaves thoroughly to ensure there are no nasty hitchhikers, or any old and wilted lettuce leaves.
  2. Clean the red and yellow capsicums and then dice.
  3. Clean the red onion, and then finely slice.
  4. Clean the fresh parsley and dice.
  5. Clean the red and yellow cherry tomatoes, and then halve.
  6. Combine all the ingredients in the bowl, as per the list above (with the lettuce at the bottom of the bowl).
  7. Add, generously, the green Sicilian olives on top.
  8. Season with the salt, cracked pepper, olive oil, oregano and white wine vinegar. Keep in mind when adding your salt, that the sicilian olives are quite salty as they are, so try to avoid over-salting the salad.
  9. Now mix the salad together well. It’s always a great idea at this stage to perform a taste-test to ensure nothing extra is needed as dressing.
  10. Ready to serve.  


 TIP: Best served with red meat!