About Our Food

“Home cooked meals without any of the normal prep and fuss!"


Busy and time-poor, but you still want your family to eat well? We hear you! That’s why Yia Yia Mary has teamed up with only the absolute best in the industry to ensure her recipes are kept true to her own kitchen. The cooking process we adopted ensures no nutrients are lost, the ingredients are wholesome and fresh, and like Yia Yia Mary often says, “there’s no rubbish!” Little Darlings Kitchen is here to ensure you always have a healthy, nutritious and tasty home cooked meal on the table with nothing artificial about it, just loads of vegetables, legumes, herbs and spices and Yia Yia’s special touch!



All the ingredients within our products are nothing but fresh, wholesome foods with loads of natural goodness!

From the get-go, we have kept nutrition and health as our number one priority because we believe there is no point in offering a product that’s full of colours, sugars and flavourings. We believe in healthy, nutritious food that helps children grow and keeps the adult body nourished. Which is why you'll notice that we've chosen to use all fresh ingredients, there's no powdered vegetables, no artificial flavours, no artificial colours, no preservatives and no added sugars... it's all REAL FOOD.

We also try our best to support our Australian economy, so where we can, we try to source as much of our fresh produce from local Australian farmers.



With a background in child care we know all too well how common dietary restrictions have become in children (and adults for that matter), which is also another reason why we insisted on only using clean ingredients, and because of this our range of food covers almost any dietary restriction that you may face.

You will find across our range that you will be able to find a product that satisfies VEGAN diets, VEGETARIAN diets, GLUTEN FREE diets, NUT FREE diets, EGG FREE diets and DAIRY FREE diets.

Dietary restrictions are a no brainer when you don't have to dissect and look up the ingredients! 



Even though we would have loved to continue to cook all of Yia Yia Mary's food in our own kitchen, the quantities required were just too large, so we had to outsource to a commercial kitchen. But, trust us, there is no need to worry because we didn't just choose any old kitchen, we searched far and wide and ended up finding one of the best in the industry. 

Food Safety - HACCP & SQF 

One of our biggest requirements when we began the search for our commercial kitchen was that it HAD to adhere to stringent food safety standards. The kitchen we have engaged with is not only HACCP approved but has an SQF4 certification. What does this mean? Let's start from the beginning and break it down for you.

HACCP stands for Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points and the organisations purpose is to basically implement food safety programmes that reduce the risk of different types of food contamination. Being HACCP certified is not a mandatory requirement in the food industry, but leading food businesses are now starting to demand the certification, which is why we decided that we would only engage with a kitchen that was. 

But then it came to our attention that there was even a higher certification than HACCP called Safe Quality Food (SQF). SQF certifications are recognised globally and in order to receive an SQF certification you must also have a HACCP certification. The SQF program ensures that our food has been produced, processed, prepared and handled according to the highest possible standards at ALL levels of the supply chain (from the farmer to the end product). 

We wanted to make sure that our food was being prepared and cooked in the cleanest environment possible. The kitchens we use are clean, HACCP Certified, SQF certified and are extremely professional. But better yet, the head chef is a fellow lover of food and his standards are just as high as ours ensuring that quality and taste is consistent to meet the high standards that we expect, and nothing less!



Our desire to make our food healthy and safe extends right through to our packaging supplier. Our packaging is BPA free and is manufactured and handled in a HACCP certified factory, to ensure to the best of our ability that our packaging is clean and free from any possible harmful contaminants. 

Our packaging is also purchased right here in Australia because we like to support our local economy!



In anything that we do, we try to do it to the absolute best of our ability, and this most certainly has not changed with our food venture. We did our research, took our time and only engaged with suppliers that we thought were superior to the rest. We have really tried to provide a superior product in all avenues from our packaging right through to nutrition! 


Happy Eating!


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